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Lenin street

Lenina street (former Pokrovskaya) - the main street of the center of Perm. Specifically, along this street the first one with a tramline laid. Lenina Street begins in the Razgulyayskoy area and ends up at Perm II train station. Tramlines now remained only on half of Lenin's street, moreover on most interesting - in the historical center of city. Another half underwent reconstruction and was deprived of streetcar in 1968. That fragment was moved to the parallel Komynesticheskaya street. Many different tram routes run along Lenin Street.

Who could think that Lenina Street grows from here this here alley! In the background of depot for special trams is a remainder of former Razgulyay tram depot. One of the special-tram cars stands in the territory. Depot has no reverse loop inside, therefore tramcars enter the depot in reverse. The alley itself near the doors of dept makes a sharp left turn and then comes back to the alley that goes around garages and garbage. The single line is 100 meters long before it becomes part of the main line (08.2003). To the right well organized to the 280- anniversary of city Razguly Square with the monument To V.N.Tatishchevu.

The wide Lenina Street begins in the crossroad with the Klimenko Street. Here branch from the depot joins the passenger tramline. Route 7 tram #262 leaves from Lenin's street to Razguly area (07.2003).

  Old photo here (07.2001)

Through 2 block's - crossroad with the Gorky street. To this street, driving up from Razguly, turn away 6 and 8 routes. But even from this crossroad it is possible to drop in to the Gorky loop - single-track line around the block, which connects. Lenin Street and formation of Gorky, kcoministicheskaya streets and 25 of October. This photograph is unique, because the tramcar of 049 routes 1 drops in to the loop from the side Razgulyaya as the long ago abolished 11th streetcar. Streetcars 3 and 12, which constantly use this loop, enter to it from other side of Lenina street, from the angular house (from there earlier there was the reversing loop, also, to tram line 6 and 8 routes on. Gorky street, and, furthermore, from the Gorky street it was possible to go directly to the loop). But the 1st streetcar here appeared because of the repair of road in Motovilikhe, on the street of 1905 (09.2003). You look also view of this cross-road from the side of Gorky loop.

On the Gorky loop, the corner of Komynesticheskaya and street 25 of October. 12th tramcar 052+054. To the right on the wires will hang the light signal, switch turned on by a tram with the approximation to a cross-road - red light for cars (07.2001).

The tram of 7th route 390+396 stopped next to post office. Switch is visible to the right - this is the departure from the Gorky loop, utilized by 3 and 12 routes. Yellow house in the center of photograph - at the corner of Sibirskaya street, to the right of it house with the flag - this is city hall (07.2001).

One additional photograph, made in this part of Lenina Street. For the orientation - yellow house to the left is the same as in the previous photograph, and the post office is visible at the left edge of photograph. Trams 7 254+263 and the 12th of 350+351 (07.2001).

The stop near "TSUM" is located near the ancient apartment houses. In the photograph the tramcar of 165 12th routes (07.2003).

The last block of Lenina Street, where tramcars run (07.2001). Train 003+001 turned from the street of Kuybyshev to Lenina and now it dvizhetsya to TSUM (department store), which is located on the intersection of Lenina Street and Komsomol'skiy Avenue and is visible to the left. The trolley buses of the 7th route also run here. This block did not preserve old buildings. To the right after the trees "vacant landing front of the hotel "Urals".


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