Открытки Motovilikha


Motovilikha - is a borough, which was established near the plant, built on the shore of the Kama in the middle of 18 century and the developed precisely as settlement in the plant. Perm was once a plant settlement, but closing plant in 18 more century made it necessary to search for other ways of development. Into the composition of Perm city plant settlement became officially part of the city in 1927. However, now Motovilikha somewhat is differed from remaining city. In 1929 Perm' and Motovilikha connected with a tramline - the very first in the city. Line is very important, and, furthermore, it is very interesting - it passes through the surprising places, only on this line were preserved the supports of overhead electric transport power line already since 1929. It finishes in the region of plant, on the 1905 street, which is considered the main piece in old Motovilikha. Over the long term it is intended to make a tramline moved from the 1905 street into the residential area and change the original historic route.

During August 2003 on the 1905 street, in that place, where it goes over the creek iva, "unexpectedly" deteriorated, and this was forced to begin the long ago planned reconstruction of street. Old tramline is also rebuilt; loop is postponed in a new area.

Photos of old line on 1905 located here, the photo of the building of new here. From the street of 1905 the streetcars go along the street of lifanova to the Uralskaya Street:

Beginning of the Uralskaya Street. Here is still alive the old Motovilikha, but tramline practically did not change since 1929. The tram of 6th route 403+404 on the technical stoppage for one hundred is meter prior to the steep descent to the street of 1905 (05.2002). This line will also undergo reconstruction, since they will enlarge Uralskaya street (however, this will be done not very soon). Due to the driving limits of these blocks car traffic is moved along Sverdlov Street, parallel to Uralskaya.

Photograph in the following block of Uraskaya Street, tram of 401+402 4th routes follow to the center. The old part of Uralskaya Street finishes here (05.2002).

On the Uralskaya street in the borough of working settlement - the outskirts strictly of motovilikha. The apartment houses, similar so that to the left, they were constructed for the workers of the motovilikhinskeyeo plant in the 20th and 30's. Here on the street already car traffic, and underground crossing - the first in the city. Tram of 275 1st routes (05.2002).


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