Открытки Urban Hills, Razguly

Urban Hills, Razguly

Urban hills - territory between the historical nucleus of Perm and Motovilikha. Accordingly, to 1940- urban hills they were annual practically build on, around 1950s here used to be an airport. The tram lines of this area - Uralskaya street and connecting it with the center of Perm's Northern dam, and also Krupskaya street, perpendicular by the northern dam, built in 1954, connects to the urban hills and to the oldest borough of Perm.

Uralskaya Street, in the borough of the palace of the culture of the motovilikha plant. To the left a building of the polytechnic college of the name N.G. Slavyanova in style "constructivism". Tramline preserved the overhead wire posts that were used in 1929. The tram number 4 336+337 goes from Motovilikha to center (05.2002).

Uralskaya Street, View from the circus. This section of tram line arose in the beginning of the 60th, after building of the Northern dam, which became the continuation of the Uralskaya street which connected bridge over the ravine, over which houses the egoshikha creek earlier this line used to go along the parallel Razin street, and then, by means of the narrow bridge above The egoshikhoy creek and left on the main line. The tram of 13th route 330+387 goes to the circus past stylish "Stalin" building (05.2002).

Krupskaya's street, to the left - circus at the intersection with the Uralskaya Street. Trolley buses run here since 1962, tramline was laid later. On the photo the tram of 289 8 route goes to the area of friendship (05.2002).

The tram of 407+408 7th route gets down from the circus to Razguly on the northern dam. (05.2002). The new construction of the center of Perm' are visible down the road.

Tram 6- 392+393 from the Northern dam entered to Kirov street in Razguly - the oldest borough of Perm'. To the left - the former tram depot built into 1916s and acted prior to the beginning 1970s (05.2002). Is interesting that from 1916 to launching of trams in 1929 in the building of park there was the soldier club, and now there motor transport establishment GET. In the center of photo the evidently high-rise building, situated on the Northern dam.

Over The razgulyay area earlier finished some tram routes, moreover trams were turned along the territory of old tram depot. When depot was shut, over the area they arranged a loop, which they began to use only as official. For a while back it was fully rebuilt. On the loop a broken down 8- 384+385 you can see the Razguly stop in the distance (07.2001).

  Old photo here (08.2001)


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