Komynesticheskaya Street, Perm II Station

In 1970 half of Lenina Street was deprived of tramline, tracks were transferred to the parallel komynesticheskaya street. The most important urban routes travel along that street. Years ago since 1930s along the small section of Komynesticheskaya Street was used by route 3 to Red October. Line along the Komynesticheskaya Street passes on its own Right Of the Way.

The Tram 394+395 13th route turned to the Kuybyshev Street from Komynesticheskaya Street from the side of square (Ural volunteers). After moving up the block, the tram will run to the Lenina street (05.2002).

Komynesticheskaya Street, the corner of Osinskoy (not far from the square of volunteers). Last block of old buildings. The tram of 043 7th route (notice that it is a single car) goes from the side of Perm II station (05.2002). On the left visible in the distance are the high-rise buildings.

The tram 300+301 5 route leaves from the side of Perm II station. Passage through the Krisanova Street is lined by tile. (05.2002).

Komynesticheskaya street, the corner of the Tolmacheva street, you can see a pink building on Lenina street. The tram of 288 3rd route in about two hundred meters will come up to the stop "Khokhryakova Street", last stop before the Perm II Station (06.2002). The Khokhryakova street earlier was titled Distant Street, since it was the last street of old Perm' (further there was only the industrial zone, where runs tram of 3 route). Specifically, here this section of tramline exists since 1930s. Line to Red October went one block on Tolmacheva from the Lenina street (from the pink building) and turned to the Komynesticheskaya.

In the area of Perm II station the line goes along the hill of railroad (after the trees on the right), the tram 259 9th route exactly leaves from this section of line and turns to the Komynsticheskaya Street, line to Red October goes to right (06.2002). The trams of the 9th route preserved signs with the red number of the route against the white background, not using colored circles for the designation of route. Such signs were used on all routes to mid 1980s.

Loop at Perm II station (two-way) - the final stop of routes 4, 5, 7, and 9. Tram on the left (7- 312+313) stopped to pick up the passengers (06.2002). Terminal area, but station itself it is not visible form the loop.


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