Dzerzhinskova Street

The third line of Perm tram was built in 1932. Initially it was branched from the line that leads to the train station, the line went on Tolmacheva street then it went to Komynesticheskaya street and to the left along the bridge through the Danilikhu creek to the Dzerzhinskiy plant (ex. Lessnera). Then it was built further into old industrial zone along the Dzerzhinskaya street (Kozhevennoy) and, through the tunnel that went under the railroad into the settlement of crosstie factory. Originally the line was single-tracked, and then it was rebuilt into double track line in the 50's. Dzerzhinskaya Street is interesting place - this is the main street of the working borough named Zaimki, which was located near the Perm II station. Along the street in essence of enterprise, apartment buildings practically disappeared in the last 15 years.

View of Dzerzhinskova area from under the railroad over bridge, initially single-track line built in 1899. In the center of photograph you could see the tram stop. At area entrance is located plant named after. Dzerzhinskiy and one of the housings of university. The tram of 364 route 3 goes to the center of city (06.2002).

Most interesting section of Dzerzhinskaya Street is at beginning of itself. From two sides the street is stopped up by old buildings - to the left one of the housings of university (former plant), to the right shelter (former police department of Dzerzhinskiy region). The tram of 051 8 route goes from the depot to line (06.2002).

On the crossroad with the Danshchina Street, which goes from the Perm II station to river Kama coast. Tram 3 route 049 comes from center of the city (06.2002).

Tram 288 gets down from the mountain, from the stop "meat-packing plant", it going towards the area of Dzerzhinskiy (08.2002). One of the last apartment buildings of street is visible.

At the end of Dzerzhinskaya Street it is very despondent. To the right some plant and the road, which exits to river Kama, coast. The tram of 438 3rd route goes to the center of the city (06.2002).

Sights of Perm tram system a very old narrow tunnel that goes under the railroad (between the station and the Kama railroad bridge) at the end of Dzerzhinskaya Street. Tram tracks in the tunnel form interlacement. Cars are allowed to pass through the tunnel. The tram 049 3rd routes leaves to Dzerzhinskaya Street from tunnel (06.2002).


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