Tramvainaya Street

Line along Tramvainaya Street is the continuation of the 3 line of Perm tram, built in 1932 for transporting of workers to the numerous enterprises of region. In the beginning 1930s on this street (ex - Volodarskogo street) is organized the "testing grounds" for the trams, which now a tram depot 1 "Red October". Line finishes in the region of Lumber processing plant "Red October", where now there is residential area Parkovi. However, still numerous industrial objects, warehouses and even utilized sidings there were preserved. On the Tramvainaya street there is the place, where tram can be unloaded from the flatcars.

The streetcar of 4 390+396 at the very beginning of Tramvainaya Street. Here there are several chaotically located Bocks of a private area, stops between the line and the locomotive depot, in honor of which is named adjacent stop (06.2002).

Next Stop is "margarine plant". Plant itself to the left, and to the right switches that lead into the tram depot "Red October". Tram 438 (3) sits at the stop. Usually 3s sit here, to let the other trams in front of it go to the final stop "Lumber processing plant Red October", but not on loop itself (06.2002).

Tramvainaya Street in the area of "Zhelyabova" stop, last one before the end of the line. Tram 364 goes to Red October, on the right the is a switch that leads to area where trams can be unloaded from flatcars. The new Buildings of Parkova borough are visible in the distance, and they are located near the street Warehouses (06.2002).

Last stage - tram 438 goes from final stop to "Zhelyabova". Before line here went somehow different, possibly, on the street. Concrete posts with the remainders of the suspension wires remained on other side of street. New constructions are closer to the street the most interesting object of old industrial buildup - abandoned tank. In the courtyards of the new Building of the new Parkovki Borough there are numerous old Building and even several streets that are historically here located in Shpalnova Borough (06.2002).

Final stop of the 3rd route - Lumber-processing plant "red October". However, if you want to get to the plant you still have to walk a little bit (06.2002). In 1980s - beginning 1990s here use to stop 3a (or 3y) - routes were shortened to travel from Red October to Perm II station. Loop itself used to be at another place farther down the street around 50 meters, on other side of street are remainders concrete posts around the old Loop.


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