Gagarin Boulevard and the Startseva Street

The newest of the existing tramlines, is laid into the borough of mass building 1960s. It initially went along Gagarin Boulevard only to the Ushinskogo Street, and then was prolonged to the Startseva car-repair plant constructed on the street. Routes 1, 7 and 8 go along the line.

Tram 388 not of the most important 1st route goes along Gagarin Boulevard from the area of friendship (in the background). To the right - route taxi 13t (09.2002).

In exhibition center "Permian fair" is located similar two-way tram loop - final of the 8 trams. Also it is used for the dinners of trams 1 and 7 routes. Initially loop was called "Lumumba", on the name of the outgoing on the boulevard street, and it was used little, since in several hundred meters further along the boulevard there was "Ushinskogo" loop, where there was final stop (true, not 8, but 7 routes, indeed 8 - earlier it went to VRZ). The Ushinskogo loop is dismantled in the beginning 1990s, apartment house is built at its place. On the photo tram 339 (8) leaves to the route, 043 (the 1st) at the dinner on the inside of a loop (09.2002).

Single car 7 294 follow along the boulevard from The Ushinskogo to Southern dam (09.2002). To the right - a building was built on place where the loop was located.

Gagarin boulevard - between the Southern dam and the Startseva Street. Here already there is no trolley-bus route. Buildings are skillfully is disguised by the trees. 7 292+293 is going to VRZ (09.2002).

On Startseva Street, 7 296+297 will move away from "Krupskaya's stop" and be sent toward the Gagarin boulevard (09.2002).

Line ends around the area of the closed now tram-repair plant, located along the Pushkarskoy Street. single track line goes to the plant, it passes on the curb of street (past the trees in the center of photograph). It branches only in tram stop, which is located on the asphalt "triangle" between the rails. The curve, which leads to the working tramline, is to the left visible, and way from the line to the plant to the right after the stop is passed. Both switches are dismantled in the spring of 2003. The overhead electric power line above the line to the plant gates were preserved. You could see the tram of 7th route 263+262, which stands on the stop Pushkarskaya. By the way, trams for some reason stop on this stoppage only after stoppage and turn on the loop VRZ, located hundred meters further, so that the stop work only part time on this loop.

On the right of photo - single-track loop VRZ, terminal point 1 and 7 routes of streetcar. In the center of the loop - unfinished electric substation, beyond the black fence - territory VRZ. Streetcar 290+291 7 (09.2002).


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